Case Studies

Palm Jumeirah Project

The Madison Group FZ LLC provided Z100 and Z200 sheet piles to Nakheel for extensive use on the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. Six pairs of parallel and continuous FRP sheet pile walls, totalling over 4km in length, were installed on the fronds of the Jumeirah Pointe project to provide beach stabilization and support a change in level from the beach to the gardens of the private villas.

The installation of 6m long Z200 profiles acted as the ‘retaining wall’ to prevent undercutting of the frond beaches by tidal action and to support the graded finished level of the villa gardens. 900mm in front of this wall, 2m long Z100 profiles were installed as the ‘beach wall’ to provide the front face of the linear planting bed and the first of two changes of level.


The design length of the pile sections ensured that adequate toe was achieved for the wall to be free-standing without the requirement for tie-back or anchors. Both of the walls followed the designed curve of the fronds and were installed into the consolidated reclaimed sand utilising excavator-mounted vibratory hammers.

The walls were capped with L-section angle to both sides and finished with a pre-manufactured decorative coping and facing panel. Each of the villas had private access to the beach via pre-cast concrete stair units that were supported on the pile walls for the foundation.