Development Consultancy

We offer our clients A-Z consultancy services within property development.

Whether residential segments of villa, townhouse, and buildings, or commercial within office, warehousing, factory, or employee accommodation segments.

Once the scope is established, we can undertake a variety of tasks and responsibilities such as identifying land free or leasehold, negotiate with master developers, plot owners, authorities on permissions and NOC's, main contractors and other relevant stakeholders to establish project plan, budget cost estimates and timelines within a project.

One of our key focus areas is Sustainable Retrofit, covering renovation, refurbishment, and upgrades of existing buildings, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

Once building identified, we will along with our strategic partners perform an assessment of the property and present a proposal in terms of sustainable, green products and technical solutions, estimated cost of the project, ROI calculations and Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Analysis, as well as critical timelines, which includes the comparison with demolishment and new building cost.