Uses & Benefits

There are many uses for composite sheet pile that include sea walls, flood defences, bulkheads, boat docks, anti-erosion applications, canal walls, trench lining and permanent formwork. The pultrusion process provides many benefits over similar steel and timber applications with exceptional strength, substantial weight advantages and longevity due to corrosion resistance. FRP sections have particular properties that are beneficial in environmentally sensitive applications.


  • Corrosion Resistance. FRP sheet pile profile offer excellent ant-corrosion properties and are impervious to marine borers and algal growth. The piles can be exposed to continual immersion in both sea water and fresh water without degradation, unlike steel and timber which require specialised coatings or eventual replacement.
  •   High Strength. FRP sheet pile profiles are stronger than steel on a weight-to-weight comparison. The use of FRP pile capping and waler sections add to the rigidity of the walls.
  •   Lightweight Material. FRP profiles generally weigh 80% less than their steel counterparts and are 30% lighter than aluminium. Such properties provide benefits with reduced handling and shipping costs. Over 2000m2 of Z200 profile can be shipped in a regular 40ft container. Short pile lengths are readily manually handled by a single person, thus reducing crane time.

  • Maintenance Free & Sustainability. The composition of FRP profiles include UV inhibitors to prevent degradation by the sun and eliminates the need for maintenance since painting or coating is not required. The superior anti-degradation properties allow pultruded profiles to be a fit-and-forget installation.
  •   Cost Savings. Significant cost savings are made not only on the original purchase price compared to steel, but also on the ease of installation and zero maintenance properties of the profiles. FRP profiles have a life-span of more than 50 years.
  •   Aesthetics. The pultruded profiles are uniformly coloured throughout their thickness and are offered in brown or grey colours as standard.
  •   Other Properties. FRP profiles are dimensionally stable through a wide temperature range, anti-static, non-magnetic, non-conductive, non sparking and have electromagnetic transparency which offers many uses and applications in hazardous environments or in instances where steel cannot be specified for use.